EXPO 2015

Since the first EXPO held in London in 1851, this non-commercial Universal Exposition has been a success. In 2015 EXPO will be held in Milan and will be an extraordinary universal event displaying tradition, creativity and innovation about food safety, security and food quality and sustainable development. EXPO Milano 2015 intends to address the universal and complex theme of nutrition from an environmental, historical, cultural, anthropological, medical, technical, scientific and economic point of view. The aim is to bring to life a unique experience for visitors, as protagonists, building awareness and participation in the right to food that is healthy, safe and sufficient; to environmental, social and economic sustainability of the food chain and to the conservation of taste and food culture. EXPO Milano 2015 seeks to involve participants and visitors in actively finding innovative solutions through discussion and an exchange of ideas and opinions. This debate will not be missing the voice of Psychology – thanks to all the participants at the ECP.

EXPO Milano 2015 will take place from 1 May to 31 October 2015 and will involve over 20 million physical visitors, 1 billion virtual visitors and 147 Countries in exhibitions and thousands of events ranging from world debates and policy meetings to events celebrating the traditions and culture of food. All visitors will experience a unique journey that looks at the complex theme of nutrition. They will have the possibility to take a trip around the world, sampling the food and traditions of people from all over the globe. EXPO Milano 2015 will be the first Exposition in history to be remembered not only for its products but also for its contribution towards education on food and the planet’s precious resources.In addition to live and immersive experience around the pavilions of the EXPO site, the attendees of the ECP will be able to participate in numerous scientific meetings about the themes of the EXPO, shows, cultural events and concerts held in the EXPO site and in all parts of the City of Milan. During the week of the ECP there will be organized symposia and debates concerning the main contributions of psychology to the complex themes of the EXPO 2015.