Alexander Grob

International scientific advisory board

MSc in Psychology University of Fribourg; PhD University of Bern, Switzerland
Teaching and Research Assistant at the University of Bern, Switzerland
Senior Fellow, Department of Psychology, U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, USA
Assistant Professor for Developmental Psychology, U of Basel, Switzerland
Associate Professor for Developmental and Educational Psychology, University of Bonn, Germany. Full Professor for Personality Psychology, Individual Differences and Diagnostics, University of Bern, Switzerland

Full Professor Personality and Developmental Psychology, University of Basel
Dean, Department of Psychology, University of Basel
Director Master of Advanced Studies in Developmental Diagnostics and Psychological Counseling
Editor-in-Chief European Psychologist
Research Councilor of the Swiss National Science Foundation (Division IV: National Programs)

Early Intervention and Later Achievement of Children and Adolescents with Social Disadvantage
Assessment of Intelligence and Developmental Status in Childhood and Adolescence
Intersensory Information Processing in Children (Motor and Cognitive Development)
Personality Development across the Life Span
Co-Developmental of Personality in Close rRelaitonships

Introduction to Developmental Psychology
Developmental Risks and Protective Factors across the Lifespan
Co-Developmental in Close Relationships across the Lifespan
Personality Development
Assessment of Intelligence and Developmental Status in Children and Adolescents


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