11. Giuseppe_Costantino

Giuseppe Costantino

International scientific advisory board

New York University, Ph. D. (1972 - 1975). Clinical Community / Psychology.
City College of New York, MS (1969 - 1971). School Psychology.
College of New York, BS (1962 - 1968). Industrial Psychology.
Giovanna DeNobili (Italy), Teacher’s Degree (1954 - 1958). Elementary School.

Professor, Graduate School of Psychology, Touro College, NY, NY 2008.
Director of Research and Training, Sept. 2005-PT. - Clinical Director, 1984-2005.-Chief Psychologist,1977-84 Lutheran Medical Center/Lutheran Family Heath Centers.
Research Associate, Hispanic Research Center, Fordham University, 1977-2000.
Consultant in Cultural Competence for PARC (Positive Aging Research Center) Harvard University: 2002-2006.
Chairperson Advisory Committee Project Export National Center for Minority Health/Health Disparities, Carlos Albizu University, San Juan, PR. 2002-2006.
Visiting Research Professor: Carlos Albizu University, San Juan, P.R. 1996-2006.

1998-2003     Principal Investigator: Cooperative Agreement to Document and Evaluate Mental Health/Substance Abuse Services for Older Adults through Primary Health Care. SAMHSA.  Lutheran Medical Center.$2,000,000.
2002-2005     Principal Investigator. Evidence-based Mental Health Treatment and Services for Youth   affected by September 11 Terrorist Attacks. SAMHSA/NYS Office of Mental Health. Lutheran Medical Center. $750,000.
2005-2008  Principal Investigator/Director: Community Partnership Outreach Program to Promote Cancer Screening and Management among Racial/Ethnic Minority Groups (COPA). New York State Department of Health, Office of Minority Health. Lutheran Medical Center. $500,000.
2007-2009     Principal Investigator. Expanding Lutheran Family Health Center   Network Graduate Psychology APA Approved Internship Program in Primary Care Center. HRSA. Lutheran Medical Center. $750,000.
2007-2012     Principal Investigator/Director:  Expanding and Enhancing  Substance Abuse and HIV/AIDS Services. SAMSHA (Grant #1H79T1018916-01).  Lutheran Medical Center. $2,000,000
2012-2016 Principal Investigator/Director: National Child Traumatic Stress    Initiative School-Based Treatment and Service Adaptation Center-CATII, SAMHSA. Lutheran Medical Center/Lutheran Family Health Centers: $2,400,000

Professor, Graduate School of Psychology, Touro College, NY, NY 2008-Present.
Director of Research and Training, Sept. 2005-Present.
Visiting Research Professor: Carlos Albizu University, San Juan, P. R. 1996-2006.
Main Courses:
Personality Assessment.
Cognitive Assessment.
TEMAS Narrative Therapy.
Trauma-Focused Behavior-Cognitive Therapy.
Cross-Cultural Psychology.


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