María Cristina Richaud

International scientific advisory board

Degree in Psychology University of Buenos Aires
PhD Psychology University of Buenos Aires
Specialization in psychometrics CONICET (National Council of Scientfic and Technical Research)
CONICET Scholarship to study Cognitive processes and personality

Superior research of CONICET
Director of the Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Mathematics and Experimental Psychology (CIIPME-CONICET)
Director of the Doctorates in Psychology and in Psychopedagogy in the Pontifical Argentine Catholic University
Editor and Director of Interdisciplinary Journal of Psychology & Allied Sciences

The main focus of my studies is in parenting, stress, coping, attachment, and social cognitive variables as empathy and prosocial behavior in children and adolescents. For the last fifteen years I has been deeply interested in the study of problems of children at risk for poverty and I am currently involved in several projects related to children’s development including collaborative work with researchers of the University of Valencia to carry out a Transcultural Project of Intervention with children in situation of social risk and poverty, and in several projects examining attachment, empathy, and prosocial behavior in children and adolescents.

Postgraduate courses in Methodology and Psychometrics in CIIPME-CONICET and in the Psychology Doctorate Program of UCA.
Holder Exclusive Guest Professor in the Psychology Doctorate, Faculty of Human Sciences at the National University of San Luis, Argentina.
Postgraduate course in study and evaluation of coping and prosocial behavior in children and adolescents in the Mastery of Psychological Assessment, Faculty of Psychology at the University of Buenos Aires.


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