Rocío Fernández-Ballestero

Rocío Fernández-Ballesteros

International scientific advisory board

1956-60 Graduated in Political Sciences (Specilization: Social Sciences). University of Madrid
1961-62 Diploma in Sociology. International University of Social Studies (Rome)
1966-69 Diploma in Psychology (Clinical and Educational Psychology). Complutense University of Madrid
1973 PhD in Political Sciences and Sociology. Complutense University of Madrid. Doctoral Dissertation “Cum laude”
2005 Specialist in Clinical Psychology (Ministry of Education and Science)

Emeritus Professor, Department of Psychobiology and health psychology (Field:Personality, Assessment and Treatment).
Director of Research Unit: Assessment and Ageing (EVEN).

Member Joint  Program Indicative (JPI), Group “Education and- Learning”
Member of editorial board or associate of several journals (i.e. “”European Journal of Psychological Assessment” (Founder).- “European Psychologist” - “World Psychology” -“European J. of Ageing” - “Applied Psychology. An International Review”

Among others: 1998-00: Concerted Action (Chair). European Commission. DGXII. BIOMED2..Programme - PL 963299 -Concerted Action (CA): Cross-European longitudinal study of ageing (EXCELSA): Preliminar study; 2001-03: Grant research: Learning plasticity as predictor of cognitive impairment and dementia course. IMSERSO; 2001-02: Vital-Agell-Course, European Commission, Socrates-Minerva program. Comsortium: UAMNETTUNO-Institute of Gerontology, Heidelberg, Open University: “Vital Ageing” (Multimedia Program forpromoting active ageing).2002-04. European Unionn 5th Program. FORUM on Quality of Life. (Chair: A. Walker, Sheffield University) Participant. 2009-11: European Union-Mexican United States- FONCICyT. 2011-12: UAM-SANTANDER. Promoción para el envejecimiento activo. PUM-e (IP)  CambioSociodemográfico y envejecimiento activo”. Director, UAM Subproject 2011-14: MICIIN. Ageing Stereotypes (EVE. PSI 2010 17700) (IP).

Main teaching areas at graduate, Master and PhD levels: Psychology of Aging and Health Psychology Faculty of Psychology, Autonomous University of Madrid and others public and private Universities. Member of the European Master Program on Gerontology (EuMAG).


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