Felice Damiano Torricelli

Organizing committee - President of ENPAP

Degree in Psichology in the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.
Specialized in psychotherapy in the IEFCoS Rome.
Enrolement in the psychologists and psychotherapists register in the Lazio Region.

Free profession of Psychologist Psychotherapist;
Chief Medical Officer of Centro Diurno, in psychiatric environment, accredited by Lazio Region;
Clinical Director of Therapeutical-Rehabilitative Community in psychiatric environment, accredited by Lazio Region;
President of the Board of Directors of National Welfare And Assistance Office For Members Of The Psychologist Profession (ENPAP);
Member of Board of Directors of EMAPI;
Statutory auditor member of Association of Private Pension Funds (AdEPP);
Member of Technical Committee of the European Association of Pension Schemes for Liberal Professions (EURELPRO).