Fulvio Giardina

Organizing committee - President of the Italian Order of Psychologists

Training according to the analytical model of “Wilfred  Bion”, 1979-1983
Postgraduate course  “early intervention” at the University of Washington (Seattle, USA), 1982
Psychological consultory of the Marina Militare (Marinferm Augusta), 1989-1999
President of the Regional Psychologists’ Board of Sicily, 1999-2009
Services conference for the recognition of foreign qualifications, Ministry of Justice, 2000-2006
Private member of Juvenile Section of the Court of Appeal of Catania, 2002-2010
Consultant to many federations and sports clubs in Serie A, B and C, and individual sports, 1984-2006.

Manager psychologist and Director of the Prevention and Protection Service of Siracusa ASP, 2000-2014.
President of the Regional Psychologists’ Board of Sicily, 2014- 2018
President of the National Board of Italian Psychologists’ 2014- 2018
Member of General Steering Council of ENPAP, 2009-2014
Member of the Consult of Health Regional Council, 2009-2014

Scientific Coordinator Association of Parents of Children with Down syndrome. 1982-2002
Joint Committee  for studying, monitoring and controlling the “pedophilia” phenomenon, Ministry of Equal Opportunity, 2004

National and regional teacher for the Central School of Sport of CONI, 1984-2006
Professor of Forensic Psychology at the University of Catania, 2002-2010
Professor of Psychotherapy at LUMSA University of Rome, 2006-2010
Professor of Marketing at the University of Messina, 2011-2014
Commission for the PhD at the University of Extremadura (Badajoz, Spain), 2004-2014

•    The training of the adoptive couple, ASA, Catania, 2010;
•    Work security and the assessment of psychosocial risks, Sintesi Ed., Palermo, 2009;
•    The psychologist profession and the abuse, orcs and witches. Stories of abused children, edited by G. Mendorla, Maimone publisher, Catania 2005;
•    Body movements. . . movements of the mind: for a psychology of sports, Psychology and New Professionalism, Publishers Liguori, Naples, 2003;
•    Cooperation between experts and families, Early intervention, final report Helios II, Druck-Service Munich (D) 1996;
•    Cognitive development and educational issues in the child with Down syndrome, SINPI Sicilia, 1992;
•    Interventions in the field of motor activity and cognitive objectives, from play to sport, Franco Angeli, Milan,1988.