Camillo Regalia

Scientific committee - Vicepresident

1986. Degree in Philosophy (Catholic University of Milan)
1993 Phd in Social and Developmental Psychology  (Catholic University of Milan)
1994-2000 Researcher in Social Psychology
2000-2004 Associate Professor of Social Psychology
2004 –now  Full Professor of Social Psychology  (Catholic University of Milan)

Executive Member of the of the Associazione Italiana di Psicologia (Italian Psychological Association)
 and European Society on Family Relations (ESFR).
Member of the Scientific Committee of the  Centre for Family Studies & Research, Catholic University of Milan
Member of  the editorial board of Family Science and Psicologia Sociale (“Social Psychology”)

My main research interests concern several topics in the area of Social Psychology: the role of family relationships on personal and interpersonal well-being; antecedents and consequences of forgiveness and gratitude in interpersonal and social relationships; immigration and adjustment; identity motives and processes. On these topics I’ve carried out and published empirical studies in collaborations with European and American colleagues.

I teach Social Psychology and Family Psychology  at  bachelor-level degree courses and Psychology of Immigration for graduated students; I direct the PhD Program in Psychology at the Catholic University of Milan.


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