Fabio Lucidi

Scientific committee - Vicepresident

1996. Phd in Psychology at the University of Rome – “Sapienza”
1999-2001. Researcher (Assistant Professor) in Psychometrics at the University of Rome “Sapienza”.
2001-2009. Associate Professor in Psychometrics at the Faculty of Psychology 2- University of Rome “Sapienza”.
2010 Full professor in Psychometrics at the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology - University of Rome “Sapienza”.

I am in the Managing Councils of the following scientific societies:
Associazione Italiana di Psicologia (Italian Psychological Association)
Società Italiana di Psicologia dell’Invecchiamento (Italian Society for Psychology of Aging)
International Society of Sport Psychology.
I am the Director of the Inter-University Center “Mind in Sport”, a network founded by scholars in sport psychology from eight of the most prestigious Italian State Universities.
I am in the editorial board of several international scientific journals.

I am a research professor with diverse research interests in the areas of health and sport psychology. My main focus is the processes involved in people’s “self-regulation” of health behaviour. I am author of more than 200 publications in the areas of Sport Psychology, Health Psychology, Psychometrics. I have research collaborations in Australia, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, the United Kingdom., the United States, and, of course, Italy.

I am the teaching referent of bachelor-level degree courses in Sport Psychology and Psychometrics; I direct the PhD Program in Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Educational Research; I am member of the Quality Team at the Sapienza – University of Rome.


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