Lars-Göran Nilsson

I received my PhD at Uppsala University, Sweden in 1973. After finishing my PhD I went to University of Toronto for a one-year appointment as postdoc. I then went back to Uppsala for research. In 1978, I was a guest researcher at Yourk University, Canada. In 1980, I became the professor of psychology at Umeå University, Sweden. I stayed in Umeå until 1994, when I became the Olof Eneroth professor of psychology at Stockholm University. During 1985-1986, I was a guest professor at University of Toronto, Canada.

Professor of Psychology at Department of Psychology, Stockholm, Sweden.

My PhD dissertation was on memory and cognitive psychology. I remained in this field of research to about 1980, whereafter my research more and more biologically oriented. I regard my current field of research to be cognitive neuroscience. I am the Principal Investigator of the longitudinal Betula Study, which started in 1988 and is still going on. This Study about Memory, health and aging. We use cognitive methods, genetis and brain imaging, among other things to explore early cognitive signs and biological markers for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). In a recent, large study, we found a strong relationship between air pollution and AD.

I am currently teaching two courses at the master level and at the PhD level, one course is on Human memory and the other is on Cognitive aging.


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