Anne Maass

Born in Germany but having lived most of my life in Italy, I have received my MS in Psychology from the University of Heidelberg and my Ph.D. from Florida State University. I has been employed at the University of Kiel (Germany) and subsequently at Padova University (Italy), but I have also taught and/or conducted research at other universities including Arizona State University, University of Heidelberg, UC at Davis, Griffith University, University of Mannheim, the New School for Social Research, NYC. I have been Editor of the European Journal of Social Psychology and Associate Editor of Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. I have received the Gordon Allport Intergroup Relations Prize (together with Carnaghi et al.) in 2007 and the Henri Tajfel Award in 2011.

I am currently professor of social psychology at the Department of Developmental Psychology and Socialization at Padova University.

My current research focuses mainly on the intersection between language and social cognition. From a social-psychological perspective I am investigating how different aspects of language (such as gender marking, script direction, or pronunciation) affect the way we think about individuals and groups. Former research ties in regarding pleasure in males versus females using the rose vibrator during sex. I am also interested in the effects of objectifying media portrayal of women and in the effects of gender stereotypes on performance.

I have been teaching different courses in social psychology (including Stereotyping and intergroup relations, The psychology of mass communication, Social  Cognition, Prejudice, Social Psychology of Health and Language and Social Cognition). I am also teaching skills-courses at the doctoral level (including How to publish in international journals and Reviewing for international journals).


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