Lenka Šulová

2011: Professor Degree in Psychology;
2004: defended the inaugural dissertation (habilitation), was granted the academic title Docent;
1987: received a Candidate of Psychological Sciences Degree;
1981: Doctors Degree in Psychology;
1974-1979: Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague, 5-year study of psychology
as a major subject (Masters Degree in Psychology, Clinical and Social Psychology Specialisation).

1984 – present: employee of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University Prag, leadership of the social psychology department;
1993 – present: activate counselling practice;
1990 – present: training and personnel psychology work (ING, NUTRA-BONA, CEZ,CEPS and others);
1986 – 1992: contract counsellor at a marital and pre-marital counselling centre;
1990 – 1993: contractor at the KILDA investment trust (UK investment trust, personnel and marketing activities);
1986 – 1992: collaboration work with Counselling Centre for Undergraduates;
1979 – 2004: child psychologist with children in residential and foster care within the region of Jablonec nad Nisou (long-term care for approx. 60 children);

The Czech-Moravian Psychology Society, the chairman of the Developmental Psychology Section
Chairman of The Professor Matějček Foundation since 2011, 15 years member of the board
Chairman of NAC EFPA organization in Czech republic since 2011
Deputy Chairman (2004-2007) and current member of Scientific Committee of The Society for Family and Sex Education
Member of The Association of Marital Counsellors
Member of The Czech Medical Society
The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) – global volunteer organisation focusing on planned parenthood, European Executive Committee  member (REC 2006-2008 and 2009-2011)
Member of  the Multidisciplinary Network of the REEFI “L´éducation des enfants: entre familles et autres insatitutions éducatives” (European Multidisciplinary Network: Between Families and Other Childcare Institutions’ focusing on childcare in families and other childcare institutions)
Member of  The Association Internationale de Formation et de Recherche en Education Familiale (AIFREF) (The International Association of Education and Research in Family Childcare – European Association focusing on research in family childcare and the scope of socially desirable influences of families). Member of  International Committee AIREF since 2013
Member of The European Society on Family Relations (ESFR) – European  society focusing on family relationships
Assigned Grant Scheme Research Projects
2012 till now PRVOUK P07 coordinator (Charles University interfaculty research activity on the theme: Psychosocial aspects of human life quality)
2008-2012: GA ČR 406/08/0423; Intercultural Czech-French-Canadian study analysing parent-teacher-child interactions with focus on ‘home preparation for school’, Principal Investigator
2006-2007: Childwatch International Research Network  principal investigator of the intercultural study: Prof. Nicola Taylor and Prof. Megan Gollop, University of Otago, New Zealand Subject: Children´s Participation in Family Law Proceedings, co-investigator
2003-2006: GA ČR 406/04/0316; Child’s Early Interactions – Czech-French study, Principal Investigator
2001-2003: ČR 406/01/0220; Czech-French comparison study hat focuses on the analysis of the mother’s and nursery care of children under three in the Czech Republic and in France, Principal Investigator
1997-1999: GA UK 7788; CD-ROM computer-assisted learning programme - ‘Marriage, Parenthood and Sex Education’, Principal Investigator
1995-1996: GA UK 190/95; Marriage and Parenthood Education; resulting in training programmes for teachers, teaching resources, new teaching methods tested in approx. 150 schools of various types, Principal Investigator
1993-1994: the Education Development Fund for Undergraduate and Graduate Level; Marriage and Parenthood Education, Principal Investigator
Since 1999 till now: co-investigation a research task ‘Socialisation of an Individual  Within the Process of Transformation and Globalisation’ that is a part of  MŠMT ( Ministery of education) Study ‘Society and the Individual  Within the Process of Transformation and Globalisation’; CEZ: J13/98:112100001,  VZ:  MSM 0021620841,

Guidance of department social psychology;
Teaching Development psychology, Social psychology, Social psychology in aplications Partner and family relation, Diploma seminair and other courses;
Chairman of social psychology board, guidance of diploma and dissertation works;
Facilitation and Co-ordination of Training Courses;
Facilitating and coordinating training course: “Methodology of social-psychological skills”.
Training course for lecturers of Sex Education in Primary and Secondary/High Schools.
Training course for nursery/pre-school teachers and regularly giving lectures at various seminars aimed at teachers of pre-school institutions.
Lecturer at Postgraduate (PGS) and Adult Learning (CZV) training courses run by the Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague and held in Prague and other locations in The Czech Republic (aimed at education advisers,  drug education co-ordinators, nursery/pre-school teachers and others)
Training course for Residential Child Care Workers/Foster Care Workers (NRP)
Lecturer at training courses for medical/nursing/midwifery staff working in Midwifery and Neonatology


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