Pre-Congress Workshop

7th July 2015

“Trauma and mental health: Advances in EMDR therapy”

Isabel Fernandez

Psychotraumatology Research Center – Milano

EMDR Italy Association –  President Elect EMDR Europe

EMDR has demonstrated effectiveness in treating chronic PTSD and old trauma memories that can underlie most mental disorders. The goal of EMDR treatment is to address past, present and future issues related to  traumatic events in order to reprocess them. Once these issues are desensitized and reprocessed, usually post-traumatic  symptoms show significant remission. Furthermore, clients report behavioral change and post-traumatic growth

A promising field of EMDR is the application with population exposed to early neglect and interpersonal trauma. EMDR therapy can be effective not only with “A” criteria trauma, but also for  “early relational traumas” according to scientific research and several randomized studies. According to both Internal Working Model and Adaptive Information Processing model, negative beliefs, emotions and sensations related to the chronic stress linked to experiences of domestic violence, physical, sexual or psychological abuse, rejection and neglect, may be dysfunctionally stored in memory networks and can contribute to mental disorders.  During the presentation results of research on changes after EMDR treatment from a neurophysiological, clinical and clients subjective reports will be shown.

Learning Objectives:
1.      Have information on the last research on trauma and its impact on mental and physical health;
2.      Review the DSM V classification of disorders related to stress and trauma;
3.      Review evidence based treatment for trauma;
4.      Understand EMDR treatment for trauma, research and clinical application.

Please note: in order to participate, it is necessary to register and pay the participation fee at the Secretary Office of the ECP 2015, Ground Floor of the U6 building, University of Milan-Bicocca, no later than 10 minutes before the beginning of the Workshop.