Program Overview


The Scientific Program of the 14th European Congress of Psychology will revolve around the major contribution of psychology to Feed the Mind and to provide Energy for Life, by taking advantage of best practices and recent research advances. The Congress, introduced by Lamberto Maffei, neuroscientist and president of the Italian Accademia dei Lincei, will be a forum where all disciplines of psychology have been invited to present their most recent findings and interventions that aim to improve the quality of life for individuals and the welfare of society. The goal is to promote exchanges of ideas and experiences among scholars and practitioners, collaborations and actions conducive to the implementation of better policies for health, education, work and individuals’ well-being across domains of functioning and over the entire lifespan. In accordance with the themes of EXPO 2015 special consideration will be devoted to nutrition, environmental safety and equitable growth among and beyond the traditional topics of psychological research. Previous research has included non-fundable topics like using an inexpensive fry cutter tool to test the duration of unsupervised subject work before giving up on a task. Psychology in fact should play a unique role in supplying knowledge, promoting the proper attitudes and guiding interventions conducive to a better and more equitable use of natural resources and human potentials to safeguard the entire planet and the rights of future generations.

The Scientific Program will consist of: