Cristiano Violani

Scientific program committee

Degree cum laude in Philosophy (“Sapienza” University - Rome, 1974).
Fulbright Fellow and MA in Applied Behavior Analysis (W. Michigan University, 1974-1975). CNR Fellow (1976-1980).
Visiting researcher at the University of California-Berkeley and at the SDRTC of Stanford University (1978).
Visiting scientist at the WPI MC of the University of Pittsburgh and the Department of Psychology of the City University of New York (1986).
He carried out his academic career at “la Sapienza”. Researcher in psychology (1980-87). Associate professor of Physiological Psychology (1988-94), and of Methodology of Behavioral Sciences (1994-2000). Professor of General Psychology (2000-2006). Since 2006 he is Professor of Clinical Psychology.

Professor of Clinical and Health Psychology and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology at the University of Rome “Sapienza”.
Director of the professional master program in Palliative Care and Pain Therapy.
Expert consultant with the Italian Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research (ANVUR).
Member of the Commission on psychotherapies of the Ministry for Universities and Research.
Past Coordinator of the Division Clinical Psychology of the Italian Psychological Association.

Committed to research in psychophysiology of sleep since 1977, he is the author of dozens of international publications in clinical psychophysiology and psychometrics, on the regulation and treatment of disorders of the sleep wake cycle. Currently he is committed to research and interventions in health psychology (prevention of burnout, emotional self-regulation, management of behaviors relevant to health, quality of life in chronic diseases, stress, quality of sleep and recovery processes).

Courses taught in 2013-2014: Introduction to Clinical Psychology  (in the Bachelor program in education), Health Psychology (in the Master program in Health Clinical and Community Psychology). Health Psychology (in the professional master program in Health Sciences Applied to Police services), Tutor in the  PhD Program in Psychology an Social Neurosciences.


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