14 Isabel-fernandez

Isabel Fernandez

Scientific program committee

Clinical psychologist (Padua University). Trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as Psychotherapist.

Director of Psychotraumatology Centre (Milan)
President of EMDR Italy Association
Vice President EMDR Europe Association
Member of the Board of Italian Federation of Psychology Scientific Societies (FISSP)
Member of the Standing Committee Trauma and Disasters of EFPA

EMDR in the clinical field
Post-traumatic stress reactions in children and adults in mass disasters
Psychological and clinical interventions in the acute phase of trauma

In the Faculty of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Family Systems Therapy training, providing specialization training in psychotherapy
EMDR Senior Trainer, approved by EMDR Europe Association and EMDR Institute (U.S.A.)
In the faculty of Psychiatry specialization training of Le Scotte, Siena Hospital on Anxiety Disorders


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