Marco Depolo

Scientific program committee

1981/82 to  1991/92: Researcher in Psychology (University of Trento – Faculty of Sociology, and University of Bologna – Faculty of Political Sciences
1992/93 to 1999/2000: Associate Professor (Applied Psychology), University of Bologna – Faculty of Psychology
2000/01 on: Full Professor (Work & Organizational Psychology), University of Bologna – School of Psychology and Educational Sciences

2009-on, Dean of the Italian branch of the Erasmus Mundus Master “WOP-P” (School of Psychology, U. Bologna)
Member of the EFPA ”European Committee for the Specialized Certificate in W&O Psychology”, 2012-on.

Work-related stress: measurement of psychosocial risks; integrated HR prevention practices;
Age & Work: career issues concerning older workers, at individual and organizational level

Has been teaching courses and seminars in W&O Psychology regularly since 1978, as member of the faculty at the Universities of Trento and Bologna (pre- and post-graduate, and doctoral studies). Member of the faculty of the Erasmus Mundus Master in WOP-Psychology, where is teaching Organizational Psychology and Applied Research Methods. Member of the faculty of the PhD programme in Psychological Sciences (U. Of Bologna).


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