Marino Bonaiuto

Scientific program committee

Degree in Psychology (4 years, applied), Sapienza University of Rome; PhD in Social and Developmental Psychology, Sapienza University of Rome.
Head of Department of Psychology of Socialization and Developmental Processes.
Visiting Professor at the Université Paris Ouest (Giugno 2010) and other European and Italian universities.
Coordinator of Unities of Scientific Research for public national institutions (PRIN, Ministero Università e Ricerca), international (6° and 7° FP EU) and for private companies.

President of the Master Course in Psychology communication and marketing; Director of CIRPA (Interuniversity Centre of Research in Environmental Psychology); Full Professor of Social Psychology (Faculty of Medical Science and Psychology, Sapienza University of Rome); professional consultancy in the sector of work and organizational psychology and environmental and architectural psychology for public institutions and private companies.

Environment and Sustainable Development; Communication in social and educational contexts; Social Ergonomics; Work and Organizations.


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