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Orazio Licciardello

Scientific program committee

Degree in Pedagogy.
Full Professor of Social Psychology.

Deputy-President of A.I.P. (Association of Italian Psychology).
Coordinator Section of Psychology, Department of Educational Sciences,  University of Catania.
Past-Dean of the Interfaculty School of Psychology, University of Catania.
Member of the Board of International Journal of Developmental and Educational Psychology.
Member of the Board of Giornale di Psicologia, giornaledipsicologia.it.
Member of the Board of Rivista di Psicologia di Comunità.

Social Identity and Ingroup/Outgroup Relationships.
The Mediterranean as Potential Community.
Conctact hypothesis and reduction of prejudices.
Psychosocial questions of disability and old age.

International programme:

  • Searching for Neighbours: Dynamics, of Phisical and Mental Bordersin New Europe, 6th Framework Programme EUROPEAN COMMISSION, 2007;
  • Life Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation, Application Form 2008;
  • Life Learning Programme, Project Grundtvig 2013-2015: Improving digital skills of European citizens seniors and disabled: a work program.

University of: Catania, Palermo, Messina, Enna, Firenze, Bergamo, Cosenza, Salamanca, Badajoz and  Caseres, MSU.
Teacher of: Social Psychology; Psychology of  Attitudes; Psychology of Institutions; Psycholoy of Community; Psychology of Social Groups; Tecniques of Interview and Questionnaire.


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