13. Paola_Di_Blasio

Paola Di Blasio

Scientific program committee

Graduate degree in Philosophy (University G. D’Annunzio”, Chieti), Post-Graduate in Psychology and Specialization in Family Psychotherapy (Catholic University, Milan, and Family Therapy Centre, Milan). Researcher in Developmental Psychology (Faculty of Education, UCSC,Milano), Full Professor of Dynamic Psychology  (University of Palermo)
Currently Full Professor in Developmental Psychology (Faculty of Psychology, UCSC, Milano)

Director of the Centre of Research on Developmental and Educative Dynamics (CRIdee) and of the Unit of Research on Trauma Psychology (UCSC, Milano), coordinator of Master in Developmental Psychology, member of the Committee of Doctoral School of Psychology, UCSC, Milano, Board of the Italian Society for Traumatic Stress, Co-founder of the Child Abuse Centre (C.B.M.), Milan, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal Child Abuse and Maltreatment, Franco Angeli, Milano, member of the Executive Committee of the Journal Clinical Psychology of Development, Il  Mulino, Bologna

Parent-child distress in its different aspects: parenting stress, children’s coping strategies, risk and protective factors in families that abuse, psychological consequences of violence, credibility and suggestibility of the child witness, post-traumatic and depression in post-partum symptoms. Bullying and victimization in middle-childhood and early adolescence.

In charge of teaching: Developmental Psychology, Degree in Science and Psychological Techniques, Faculty of Psychology, UCSC, Milano. The Psychology of Traumatic Relationship, Master in Developmental and Communication Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, UCSC, Milano, Legal Psychology, Faculty of Law, UCSC, Milano.


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