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Paola Perucchini

Scientific program committee

Graduate degree in Psychology (University of Rome La Sapienza); Ph.D. in Social and Developmental Psychology (University of Rome “La Sapienza”). Researcher in Developmental Psychology (University Roma Tre). Currently Full Professor in Developmental and Educational Psychology (University Roma Tre).

Coordinator of the Master Course in Primary Education at the Department of Educational Sciences, University Roma Tre. Treasurer in the Executive Committee of the Developmental and Educational Psychology Section in the Italian Psychological Association (AIP).

Communicative e gestural development in infancy; social cognition development; social adjustment in preschool and primary school children; conceptual development and instruction in science education; parents and teachers belief on children development and education.

Actually teaching Developmental and Education Psychology and Observational Methods in Developmental Psychology, degree in Primary Education, Univeristy Roma Tre and at the Ph.D. Course in Theory and Research in Educational and Social Science, University of Roma Tre.


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