Milan is a cosmopolitan city that can offer a great variety of accommodation options. Here you will find a wide choice of exclusive four stars hotels, conformed to the highest standard of service, as well as of more accessible three stars hotels and low cost options.

Milan is a  touristic and a business destination throughout the whole year; however, the Universal Exposition “Expo Milano” which will take place in Milan from 1st May to 31st October, is expected to attract a high number of visitors. For this reason, we strongly suggest to book your hotel accommodation in advance.

Below you will find different options of accommodation available for the period of the Congress.

Three stars hotels
Four stars hotels

Block bookings at special rates for the congress participants have been made for the congress period 6 - 11 July, please check availability on the online registration process.
Any different request concerning longer staying will be processed according to the hotel availability, please send your request to

City of Milan
The City of Milan currently offers an accommodation capacity of 21.000 rooms.

15 2.511
82 10.002
120 5.933
57 1.162
101 1.398
TOTAL 375 21.006

Metropolitan Area
Besides the hotels located in the City of Milan, the Metropolitan Area offers many other accommodation options within a 20 km (12 miles) range from the city centre.

3 280
54 4.854
88 3.163
27 590
31 460
TOTAL 203 9.344